XM4 Landram
XM4 Landram
Function: Armored Personnel carrier/Armored Fighting Vehicle
Weight: 35 tons
Length: 12m (40ft)
Width: 4.3m (14ft)
Height: 4.3m (14ft)
Crew: 2 (1 Driver/vehicle commander, 1 Gunner/mission commander)
Passengers: 10 combat marines, or 5 stretcher cases + medic
Formula 1 Plan X. Laminated Composite Armor, spaced.
Composition: Lexan, mylar, anti-ballistic foam, platinum plate, kevlar, depleted uranium, steel plate, ceramic alloy (on alternating layers)
Total Thickness: 23 inches
Forward Turret: Nomenclature XM 01E1 Remote Operated turret, 1 x 76mm/L32 Main gun, 1 x .50 caliber coax
Rear Turret: Nomenclature XM 02E1 Remote Operated turret, 1 x 25mm/L36 Main gun, 1 x .50 caliber coax
Hull: XM 105A1 105mm Mortar
Other Information
Vehicle has a 120,000 lb. capacity winch and an A-frame crane on the front slope for lifting/towing (Folds flat against top of hull when not in use) and is equipped with multifunction manipulator arm (housed on right side of gun) or bulldozer blade (which folds up against the front underside of the vehicle). Vehicle also sports a self deploying snorkel system enabling it to ford rivers up to 20 ft deep without preparation.
Preparation for amphibious operation include erecting the trim vane, and inflating the flotation skirts. Crew Compartment is inaccessible from passenger compartment, although passengers can communicate with crew by an intercom system. Vehicle has full nuclear/biological/chemical protection for the crew compartment. Passenger compartment is only protected as long as personnel hatches remain shut.
Passenger compartment contains a foldout toilet/waste incinerator (number 2s only, people) and folding shower (unbelievably hot water only) for exceptionally long field missions. Crew compartment contains a microfridge, and a microwave oven. Vehicle carries 100 gallons of drinking water, and has a 20 gallon cell for shower. Vehicle has means to purify/decontaminate 30 gallon of water at a time, but requires the water tanks to be empty.
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