The Viper is the colonies Space Superiority fighter and used in the frontline for most space battles. It is also capable of atmospheric flight and used in supportive roles in many ground battles offering air strikes.

They have multiple life support systems which create heating and pressurization within the cockpit as well as the support built into the flight suit. It also has emergency ejection where the seat will jettison from the viper and activate an emergency beacon, in atmosphere it will also eject a parachute.

Although it is one of the fastest space vessels in the colonies over short distances it’s size means it has a very limited fuel supply (however it is capable of in flight refuelling). It also has no FTL meaning it requires another ship to jump.


Race Colonial
Type Military
Crew 1 pilot
Role Space superiority fighter
Weapons 2 Kinetic Energy Weapon, missiles
Status Decommissioned

Length: 27.6 feet (~8.4m)
Height: 8.9 feet (~2.7m)
Wingspan: 15.5 feet (~4.7m)

Model used in the first Cylon war it is considered a relic by most pilots who’ve only ever flown the MK VI or VII. Despite it’s age if a MK II is kept in relatively good condition and serviced regularly it could still fight well alongside later models, although it’s speed, manoeuvrability and firepower are notably slower.

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