To Do List

This page lists any work that needs to be done on this wiki. Should you have the authority and time to do so, please add them to the wiki. Don't worry about making mistakes as they can easily be corrected. Don't forget to edit this list when you have done the work.

The following pages need to be created:

  • Under the heading of 'Megaera'
    • Flight Control
    • Strategic Operations
    • Tactical Operations
    • Operations
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • Air Group
  • Under the heading of 'Military'
    • Fleet Rank Structure
    • Fleet Uniforms
    • Fleet Procedures
    • Marine Rank Structure
    • Marine Procedures
  • Under the heading of 'Civilian Life'
    • List of Civilian Ships (Not to be done until Megaera acquires a civilian fleet)
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