The Fleet

The (Civilian) Fleet is a massive collection of various different ships that survived the initial attack on the Twelve Colonies and banded together. They are now serving as the habitation for the last remnants of humanity, guarded by the last remaining battlestar in existence.

The Fleet, with Battlestar Megaera in the front.

The Statistics

The population of The Fleet stands currently at 34,753.1.2

The number of the ships in the fleet is 45 (Including Megaera).3 The ships that have been named and described is 36 (Plus Gunstar Temperance).

demographicscopy.png fleetcopy.jpg fleetsizesfinished.png
Demographics of The Fleet Picture of the Fleet (Named ships) - Not in scale Picture of the Fleet (Named ships) - In scale

The Ships

Military Ships

Battlestar Megaera

See Battlestar Megaera

Gunstar Temperance

See Gunstar Temperance (Not part of the Fleet yet, but out there)

Luxury Liners

Small Luxury Liners (0-200 M)

The Fleet has several small liners within it's ranks, usually intended for private use by corporations or private citizens. However due to the recent situation these ships, like all the others, have been forced to accept more and more refugees…making the once luxurious vessels somewhat cramped and difficult to live in. And due to their small size, they can't support themselves, making them especially reliant to the rest of the Fleet as their supplies run out faster then the others. Nonetheless, some of them serve an important purpose in the Fleet, the primary of these of course being Colonial One, which has become the official seat of the Colonial Government, the remnants of the once vast political entity.

Colonial One
Function: Seat of the Colonial Government
Registry: Government, former Caprican
Passenger capacity: 100-150 (standard) 500 (maximum)
Length: 84,5m
Height: 22m
Other Information

Medium Luxury Liners (200-600 M)

Though more spacious then the small luxury liners, the medium models still have some problems among them. Their self-support capabilities are bit lacking as well, water and food compartments making way for wide seats and entertainment facilities. And with larger size comes larger passenger capacity as well, and the medium liners find themselves packed to the max as well. In a way they are as cramped as the small liners. Medium liners find themselves as focal habitations as well, especially as the luxury liner converted to a religious retreat, Pilgrim's Refuge, is perhaps the last remaining important center of the Colonial religion left in the universe…unless the stories of Kobol are true.

Celestial Gazer
Function: Luxury liner
Registry: Gemenon
Passenger capacity: 2000
Length: 600m
Height: 80m
Other Information

Large Luxury Liners (600- M)

With state-of-the-art FTL drives, better protective capablities and larger crew, many of these massive ships escaped the destruction of the Colonies. With their spacious passenger compartments and supply reserves (in some ships, at the least) it is no wonder that most of the refugees have settled into these ships – making them the backbone of The Fleet's population and cultural centers of the remaining citizens of the Colonies. Dominating The Fleet's ”landscape” are the massive pressurized domes of Seventh Heaven and Dyson's Imaginarium, two immense luxury liners that together have six thousand people settled on them. Another curious sight is the Argonaut and it's ring section.

Function: Luxury liner
Registry: Leonis
Passenger capacity: 2500
Length: 1219.2m
Height: 381m
Other Information

Cargo Carriers

While the numerous cargo carriers of the ships can't carry nearly as much people as The Fleet's luxury liners, their empty cargo sections have nonetheless been put to use by the escaping refugees. The living conditions in these ships are understandably much worse then in the liners, with the people forced to sleep in the dark and hard corridors, usually with nothing more then a blanket. However, the true strength of the carriers has never been their living accomodations, but the amount of cargo they carry. Their goods support most of The Fleet, even if their captains are sometimes reclutant to part with them. Due to the pirate threat that the Colonies sometimes saw, many of these vessels are armed, though nowhere near as armed as Megaera. Rough, clunky and similar in shape, they are situated at many parts of The Fleet and rarely make a striking sight…although the massive Tisiphone stands out, no matter where it is.

Small Cargo Carriers (100-250 M)

Function: Cargo carrier
Registry: Sagittaron
Passenger capacity: 160
Armament: None
Length: 200m
Height: 34m
Other Information
Cargo: Basic foodstuffs.

Medium Cargo Carriers (250-500 M)

Function: Cargo carrier
Registry: Caprican
Passenger capacity: 300
Armament: Point defense railguns
Length: 300m
Height: 44.5m
Other Information
Callisto has been tagged for salvage.
Cargo: Industrial fabrics and consumer electronics

Large Cargo Carriers (500 - M)

Function: Cargo carrier
Registry: Scorpia
Passenger capacity: 300
Armament: Point defense railguns and ship-to-ship missiles
Length: 700m
Height: 104m
Other Information
Cargo: Heavy machinery and parts

Industrial Ships

If luxury liners keep people housed and cargo carriers keep them fed, the industrial ships are what keeps the entire Fleet moving. Like a well-oiled machine, the seamless cooperation of the mining ships and the tylium refinery ships produces the fuel that propels the FTL drives of every single ship in The Fleet, including Megaera. The fuel carriers are quite small and do not have a large presence in the fleet, but the elongated shape of the large mining ships is interesting. Both ships are designed for hard around the clock work and thus their living conditions are cramped and atrocious, and hardly fitting for civilian refugees. The salvage ship Boreas wrecks old and unusable ships and produces material for repairs. It's drydock gives it an unique look.

Mining Ships

Function: Mining Ship
Registry: Tauron
Passenger capacity: 200
Length: 798.48m
Height: 67m
Other Information

Salvage Ships

Function: Salvage ship
Registry: Scorpian
Passenger capacity: 156
Length: 751m
Height: 245m
Other Information
Cargo: Mechanical parts

Fuel Carriers

Function: Fuel carrier/Refinery ship
Registry: Caprican
Passenger capacity: 100
Length: 150m
Height: 49m
Other Information

Research Ships

Few bastions of science and research survived the destruction of Twelve Colonies. These are New Dawn and Biospherion Two, two massive vessels that are perhaps the most advanced ships in the entire fleet, carrying with them a repository of scientific knowledge. Though large in size these ships do not have much passenger capacity, as a large part of their space is reserved to different energy sources keep their scientific facilities working. While both of the ships are an impressive sight, the greenhouse spheres of Biospherion Two are always a calming sight in the darkness of space.

Biospherion Two
Function: Research ship
Registry: Caprican
Passenger capacity: 500
Length: 900m
Height: 252,5m
Other Information
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