The Acheron

History of the Acheron

Acheron was built during the early days of the First Cylon War as an armed merchant transport for long haul or deep space transits. She started her life as AT-101, Starry Gaze, and on her first run she fell foul of a band of Fringe Folk, the Red Sun Tribe, who captured her and refitted her for their own use.

She was easily the biggest ship this band had available and it wasn't long before she was named as their flagship. Acheron led her crew and dependants through the war and into the 'peace'. The band fell on hard times as the Colonial Fleet, freed from having to fight the Cylons, focused on eradicating all opposition to a 'united' Colonies. The only ship of the Red Sun to survive this culling was the Acheron.

The Fringe Folk are nothing if not resilient and they learned how to use the natural hazards of the Outer Reaches to hide and strike back. Together with other fringe folk bands they bled the Colonial Fleet enough that 'unofficially' the Twelve Colonies relinquished any claim over the Outer Reaches and forbid travel to that region. Though the Fringe Folk still conduct raids and the Colonial Fleet still retaliate for them, the skirmishes are small and rarely make the news.

So it has been for almost forty years and the old Acheron still prowls the depths of space for prey.

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