Rp Simm Style

This RPG will be played very much in an episodic or mission-based manner. That doesn’t mean there won’t be grand over arching plots, there will be. I also know that players will take the game in unforeseen directions and I welcome that. However there will be episodes with very definite starts and stops as well.

Players can only control their own characters and NPC's.

Our SMS uses a 'Joint Post' feature which allows up to 6 players to participate in a single Joint Post. When a response is required from another player's character, you leave 'tags' for them and 'Save' the post. They will be notified that a Joint Post has been started or edited and they will respond by opening the saved post filling in the tags and then hopefully adding their own piece to the story and leaving something for you to respond to. The interaction goes back and forth until all decide that the scene is over and click 'Post' instead of 'Save'. The system will then post the entry to the Mission and it will be available for all to read. When more than two characters are involved in a Joint Post, place the name of the character you want to tag next to the word 'Tag' e.g. 'Tag Blake'.
For more information on this feature, speak to an Administrator.

Try not to get too far ahead of the story and let others have input and reactions to an event, situation or problem.

We realise that some may not be familiar with this style of play, but it is easy to pick up and a good way to maintain the pace and drama of a story.


Novel Style - Posts are done in a novel style format. Therefore they are written in third person and have quotation marks (" ") to denote speech.

OOC - is used to comment, whether RPG related or not. We prefer to keep the OOC's in posts to a minmum, and anything not story related, please post in the OOC category.

A note on characters:

NPC's are non-player characters that can be used by anyone in a post. However, you cannot injure or kill any NPCs without the permission of the person who created them. Some NPCs are Admin controlled characters for the purposes of supporting the story or plot. These can only be used in your posts with permission.

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