The Raptor is a multipurpose space craft utilised by the colonial military.


Race Colonial
Type Military
FTL Short Range
Crew 2 (Pilot and ECO)
Capacity Approximately 5-10 passengers
Role Reconnaissance and surveillance, electronic countermeasures support, transport
Weapons Missiles and bombs (special missions only); normally unarmed; decoys
Status Active


Length: 28 feet (8.6m)

Height: 9.5 feet (2.9m)

Wingspan: 18.34 feet (5.6m)

Weight: 50 tons

Types of operations

  • Scouting areas of space
  • Scan other vessels for Radiation, heat, electromagnetic and other signatures
  • Scan planets for signs of life and mineral deposits
  • Advance recon before attack by parent ship(s)
  • Search & Rescue Operations (S&R)

The Raptor is pressurised and warned for when passengers not wearing flight suits it also has synthetic gravity. The Pilot and Co-pilot seats located at the front of the cockpit are both capable of ejection.

The defensive systems onboard include chaffs, flares, decoy drones and it has thick radiation resistant armour. For offensive operations the Raptor can have launchers attached to it’s hull including ones for nuclear missile, bombs, rockets and cannons.

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