Atmospheric Shuttle


Race Colonial
Type Military & Civilian Variants
FTL Short Range
Crew 1 Pilot, 1 Co-pilot, 1 Comms, 1 Nav Officer (4)
Capacity Approximately 30-50 Passengers
Role Short range FTL passenger transport between ships/planet surface
Weapons None
Status Active

The Atmospheric Shuttle is used by the Colonial military, government and civilians as a transport for both passengers and cargo. It can it most commonly used for ship to ship and as it’s name would suggest transport to and from a planet’s surface. It also has a short range FTL allowing to travel longer distances than it’s original purpose.

With no form of defensive or offensive systems and no more than standard hull strength to withstand heavier than average atmospheres it is not suitable for combat. However the shuttle is still used to transport army and marine ground vehicles from Battlestars to planets being the only ship of appropriate size for the job.



Race Colonial
Type Military
FTL Short Range
Crew 1 pilot
Role Stealth Infiltrator
Weapons None (weapon pods attached for special missions only)
Status Active (special missions only)

The Stealthstar is a specialist craft designed for infiltration missions that require the colonial military not to be seen. Normally only ships with connections to Colonial Intelligence carry this class vessel as it is considered unnecessary for most Battlestar operations.

When powered down to only basic life support and control thrusters the Stealthstar becomes undetectable on DRADIS and almost invisible to the human eye (due to it’s use in space and black in colour).

It can be equipped with rocket/missile pods or surveillance packages dependant on it’s mission.

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