The Battlestar Megaera roleplay is done in an episodic manner in defined segments called 'Missions'. Currently, we are on Mission 2: For Our Sins, which chronicles the period immediately after the Cylon surprise attack. Updates on the status of a mission can be found in the forum.

Hope Fades


Battlestar Megaera
Episode 01

Wars can be prevented Just as surely
as they can be provoked…

…And we who fail to prevent them,
must share the guilt for the dead.

In the cold darkness at the edge of colonial space, nothing stirs. The stationary asteroid field, designated AF-14921 by the Colonial Star Survey, is the only thing to break the bleak darkness of the star-scattered black. Few know that this place was the site of one of the last battles of the Cylon War. A battle that ended the same way the war did. A stalemate.

A flash of light and folded space, and where once was only vacuum stood a metal leviathan. The incarnation of Colonial military power was unmistakable. It was the newest and most modern warship to leave Colonial shipyards; a Mercury Class Battlestar. Its dual flightpods proudly proclaimed its name: Megaera.

Soon, all around the mighty ship flashes of light announced the arrival of several other ships. All of them were clearly military, but none of them possessed the shine and polish of their flagship. Those who knew of such things would know that the escort ships were a Battlecruiser with two missile frigates and a trio of destroyers.

The ships moved smoothly into position, Battlestar at the centre, Battlecruiser hovering protectively and the smaller ships spreading out to allow their Dradis sensors to cover as much space as possible.

Vipers launched from the sides of the Battlestar and proceeded to establish a Combat Air Patrol around the small Battlestar Group.

In the old myths, from before the founding of the Twelve Colonies, it was told of the three Erinyes or Furies. They were created by drops of divine blood. The Erinyes are the three goddesses of revenge, they punished those who escaped or defied public justice. They were named Alecto, the unceasing, and Tisiphone, the avenging. The third was called Megaera, the grudging or unwilling. The three are women with fiery eyes, dogs' heads, and their head are wreathed with serpents. Their whole appearance is terrific and appalling. The sisters are sometimes called the daughters of night and are brought about by murder, perjury, ingratitude, disrespect, harshness, and the laws of hospitality. Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone are impartial and impersonal and they pursue wrongdoers until the sinners are driven mad and die.

What fate would be in store for a Battlestar Group led by a ship with such an ominous name? Where might trying to uphold that meaning and purpose lead its crew and what would it mean for those under its protection.

Soon, we will find out, for in another sector of space, beyond the Armistice line, a plan that has been forty years in the making is being put into action.

For Our Sins


Battlestar Megaera
Episode 02
Y 21356

For our sins
We seek redemption

Always knowing
That we may never find it

Badly damaged and with Cylon centurions ravaging her decks, Megaera jumps to the Ingazi Patch, a cloud of rock, dust and exotic radiation to hide, deal with the hostile boarders and lick her wounds.

The Twelve Colonies have fallen and the remnants of the Colonial Fleet regroup for a counter-attack.

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