Sim/RP History


All history, as created during actual roleplay as well as that decided upon by members, will be stored here. We will update this section monthly so that it is always close to the current timeline of the roleplay. There will also be other valuable background information stored here.


Battlestar Megaera, under the command of Commander Caden Blake, departs Scorpia Shipyards. On a secret mission, disguised as a normal shakedown cruise, she leaves for a remote sector of space. With an incomplete complement of crew, weapons and without a working Command Navigation Program (CNP) she prepares to test a top secret 'computer system' designed by the Ministry of Science.

Though she has a solid core of experienced officers and NCOs, many of her incomplete crew are green and fresh from basic training or the Fleet Academy and her commanding officer, though highly rated, is inexperienced in the role of Commander.


Personality clashes seem to be the order of the day. Though many of the crew seem to be getting along well, the Commander and his XO are clearly having problems. Even the crew have noticed the tension between the two and it may start to effect morale.

The crew shortages have led to important positions aboard the ship being filled by junior, and at times inexperienced, officers. Under extended field operations this might be considered an unacceptable risk, but Commander Blake knows that Megaera will receive a full complement of crew when she returns from he mission.

Unknown to the crew, a Cylon agent has infiltrated the ship and has started to lay the groundwork for disabling the ship. All across the ship, minor malfunctions, many of them dismissed as shakedown quirks, begin to creep into Megaera's systems.

The diplomatic officer, sent to Armistice Station every year as stipulated in the Cimtar Peace Accord, is overdue and Commander Blake volunteers one of Megaera's Raptors to jump out to the station and investigate.

Elsewhere on Megaera, a marine has failed to report in. He has become the first victim in the prelude to a renewed Cylon-Colonial war.

Raptor 911, Ghost and Boom-Boom, jumps out to Armistice Station and finds the entire station destroyed. They respond to a distress call and rescue an Oracle from her crippled vessel. Tempest, a Viper pilot transferring to Megaera, also detects the distress call and has her Raptor jumped by unknown attackers as she prepares to jump. Raptor 911 and Tempest's Raptor successfully rescue the Oracle and her staff and manage to escape. Before escaping, Tempest positively identifies the enemy as Cylons.

Aboard Megaera, an implanted Cylon virus disrupts her computer systems and eventually cripples the entire network. Megaera and her escorts float helplessly and without power. As the crew frantically race to restore the ship's systems, a signal is sent to the Cylon Fleet.

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