Gunstar Temperance

Gunstar Temperance (BSG-21) is an Avenger class Gunstar, the first ship to bear the name. One of the Colonial Fleet's newest Gunstars, she wields an impressive set of armaments, boasting more sheer firepower than even the new Mercury class battlestars. Her primary purpose is direct ship-to-ship combat, as she was designed to go toe-to-toe with Cylon basestars and come out victorious, thanks to her plethora of weaponry and her heavy armor. Temperance is the last known remaining Gunstar after the Cylon attack against the Twelve Colonies, surviving the technological attack that crippled all the other warships in the Colonial Fleet (Except Battlestar Megaera) due to the testing of a new experimental computer system aboard it. She is currently on her own in space, searching for both humanity's survivors and a reason for going on.

Gunstar Temperance
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Tactical Operations


Medical & Counseling

Marine Detachment

Temperance Raptor Wing


Name Gunstar Temperance
Registry BSG-21
Class Avenger Class
Role Gunstar (Heavy Cruiser & Fleet Support)
Expected Duration 100 Years
Time Before Refit 20 Years
Time Before Resupply 3 Years
Length 1852 Meters
Width 700 Meters
Height 390 Meters
Decks 45
Standard Complement 1250 (Officers - 250, Enlisted Officers - 940, Marines - 60
Emergency Capacity 565
Standard Velocity Sublight .85c
Maximum Velocity Sublight .99c For 56 hours
FTL Capability Yes, Jump Drives
Kinetic Batteries 60x Heavy Batteries (20x forward, 20x dorsal, 20x ventral)
Close-in Defense 300x Light Twin-Turrets (across weapons pods, port & starboard main hull, forward turrets)
Missile Launchers Hunter Class programmable missiles; Heavy Class D warheads; Tactical Nuclear Weapons
Missile Complement 8000 Hunter class missiles; 500 Heavy class D warheads; 0 Tactical Nuclear Weapons
Defensive Systems Decoy Drones; ECM Systems
Armour Class S2 Reactive Hull Armor Plating
Landing Bays 2
Attached Ships 1 Battlestar; 2 Missile Frigates; 3 Destroyers
Military Transports 5 Raptors
Damage Status Heavy Damage - 67% combat efficiency; CNP: Offline; Crew Losses: 241
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