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Late, but here too xD

Re: Council Roll Call by NinerNiner, 09 Oct 2008 18:38

I'm here! I'm here! ;) Late but here!

Re: Council Roll Call by JasraLantillJasraLantill, 09 Oct 2008 18:12

I'm here but have been catching up on things after Hurricane Ike.

Dea Cassini

Re: Council Roll Call by NightstormivNightstormiv, 03 Oct 2008 17:35

All Council members please check in here. You have one week from today's date.

Council Roll Call by RPWorldRPWorld, 28 Sep 2008 08:15

I'm okay with a few minor injuries on either side, but I don't think there should be any deaths yet. We need to keep civilian death as a result of military action for another time.

Re: Episode Three by RPWorldRPWorld, 14 Sep 2008 11:16

Looks like Capt. Caber is anticipating a riot in the port hanger bay.

Any thoughts?

I think it's fine to have one, but I have an objection to having any casualties. Not opposed to having people thrown in the brig though. :)

Re: Episode Three by JasraLantillJasraLantill, 12 Sep 2008 15:40

I like that idea. I don't have any objections.

Re: Episode Three by RPWorldRPWorld, 10 Sep 2008 08:22

Ok, so if we're killing off the President (eventually, that is) then I'm going to have Rondelle (and Victor) push for a declaration of martial law under Commander Blake until things are more stable to hold an election. Of course, there should be a civilian liaison to relay civilian problems to Blake and to quiet any resistance from the civvies.

That sound ok to you guys?

Re: Episode Three by JasraLantillJasraLantill, 09 Sep 2008 22:22

I don't know Jas *ponders* I'd really like an active PC to be the President. In all fairness we've carried Jacob's character a long while now. I think it is time to let her go. It is a sad decision, but we also have to set an example for others and send a clear message:

"Real life happens and we understand that, but the game moves on. If you do not let us know about a LOA or even that you'll be a little too busy to play then we'll move along without you. You're perfectly welcome to rejoin, but don't expect the same character or position to be available once you do."

I think she should be in a coma and and the prognosis should be bad; like she's dying bad. This will also set us up for some really cool internal strife as the issue of leadership gets resolved. It doesn't have to be resolved immediately, but there should be a crisis rather than us covering it up.

Re: Episode Three by RPWorldRPWorld, 26 Aug 2008 06:09

I'm okay with that suggestion, since it seems fairly workable without having to completely off the President. It's not perfect, as an active President would be ideal, but we can work around it for now until Jacob gets back or we find someone else willing to be the Prez (o Lee Adama, wherefore are thou? :p)

Just let me know what we decide, so I can have my Cadence character give someone the bad/maybe not so bad news. ;)

Re: Episode Three by NinerNiner, 25 Aug 2008 19:34

Ok, I'm going to open the discussion as to what to do with the President. Jacob hasn't logged on the site in ages, so I'm assuming that he's no longer interested in participating in the SIMM. However, his character President Jackson is an integral character to the story. We've 'incapacitated' her for the moment, but I for one don't really want to put her in a long-term coma like we did the XO. (Too soap opera like for me. ;) ) Keeping her unconscious for short time would work though, and would make it easier for Blake to establish some sort of martial law while she's unable to do her duties.

For a longer-term solution I had an idea to make the President bedridden, say in traction with a broken hip or back or something, or maybe even a paraplegic, but still conscious and able to make decisions. If we make her an NPC and keep her in the Megaera sick bay for the time being, she can interact with the rest of the characters by notes or wireless or even have characters go to the sickbay to visit her. Eventually, the civilians will want to have an election for a new Quorum and a new President so we could get rid of her then if we like.

Any other ideas on what to do with her? I'd like to have some sort of game plan before we get too far into the new episode.


Re: Episode Three by JasraLantillJasraLantill, 25 Aug 2008 17:55

Battlestar Megaera
Episode 03
Y 21356

Hide and Seek

Lords of Kobol
Deliver us from our enemies
Who seek to harm Your chosen people
Shelter us with Your mercy
And make our warriors
The instruments of Your wrath

The ragtag fleet of refugees, guarded by a lone Battlestar, must escape the Ingazi Patch and a trap set for them by the Cylon. Even if they manage this, where will they go?

The President is incapacitated and the Colonials face a crisis of leadership. Many civilians do not entirely trust the military and unrest threatens the very survival of humanity.

Plotting discussions regarding this episode go here.

Episode Three by RPWorldRPWorld, 25 Aug 2008 15:52

After careful consideration, I've decided to move the Command Council to this forum. From now on we will discuss our issues here. The links to this place have been removed and only the Command Council will have access to this forum. You would have received this link via IM or PM or JP. Please bookmark it and do not give it to other members.

Command Council's New Home by RPWorldRPWorld, 25 Aug 2008 10:01
Welcome Back!
RPWorldRPWorld 22 Jun 2008 21:55
in discussion General / Announcements » Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Twelve Colonies wiki forum. Since the OG site is still offline, I've reopened this place for us to post and play.

So play.

Welcome Back! by RPWorldRPWorld, 22 Jun 2008 21:55

Finally got it right. Thanks, Commander, for your patience. Captain Dwayne Hicks here.

Re: Roll Call by terminator34562002terminator34562002, 10 Jan 2008 02:44
Re: Roll Call
c8607072c8607072 09 Jan 2008 02:58
in discussion General / Announcements » Roll Call

Yo, Landram 1 Delta (Cpl. Schuyler Rathbone) here.

Re: Roll Call by c8607072c8607072, 09 Jan 2008 02:58
Re: Roll Call
RPWorldRPWorld 07 Jan 2008 07:06
in discussion General / Announcements » Roll Call

Michelle - Ensign Triinu Kövaniïnen (via PM)

Re: Roll Call by RPWorldRPWorld, 07 Jan 2008 07:06
Re: Roll Call
DJRDJR 07 Jan 2008 05:41
in discussion General / Announcements » Roll Call

David Rothenbury is here and accounted for :D

Re: Roll Call by DJRDJR, 07 Jan 2008 05:41
Re: Roll Call
Nine HandsNine Hands 07 Jan 2008 04:05
in discussion General / Announcements » Roll Call

John — Helen Ajax

Re: Roll Call by Nine HandsNine Hands, 07 Jan 2008 04:05

Vehicle Nomenclature: XM4 Landram
Vehicle type: Armored Personnel carrier/Armored Fighting Vehicle

LOA: 31ft
EB: 10ft
MH: 11ft
Weight: 15 tons
Fording Depth: (Unprepared) 5 ft.
Fording Depth: (Prepared) 20 ft.

Range: 500 miles
Top Speed: 60
Fuel cap: 125 gallons
Engine: V12, 1250 HP, 2500 lb/ft of torque

Fwd Turret
1 x 76mm main gun
1 x .50 caliber coax
Rear Turret
1 x 25mm
1 x .30 caliber coax

Passenger compartment: 2 .30 caliber machine guns one either side in permanent ball mounts.

76mm: Multipurpose Thermobaric Munition Multipurpose Improved Cluster Munition
25mm: High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) HE Frag
.50 cal.: Armor Piericing Incendiary, Hollow point Semi Metal Jacket
.30 cal.: Multi Purpose Explosive Forged Penetrator Munition
Defensive systems: Smoke generator, Chaff Dispenser, Mine clearing system

Crew: 2 (1 Driver, 1 Navigator/Gunner)
Passengers: 10 combat marines, or 5 stretcher cases + medic

Other: Vehicle has a 120,000 lb. capacity winch and an A-frame crane on the front slope
for lifting/towing other units, (Folds flat against hull when not in use) and can be fitted with a
multifunction manipulator arm or bulldozer blade. Vehicle also sports a snorkel system
enabling it to ford rivers up to 20 ft deep.

Notes: Crew Compartment is inaccessible from passenger compartment, although passengers can
communicate with crew by an intercom system.
Vehicle has full Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) protection for the crew compartment.
Passenger compartment is only protected as long as personnel hatches remain shut.

I'm still working on the history and some other features of the vehicle at this time.
Lemme know whatcha think of it so far.

Landram: Reimagined by c8607072c8607072, 07 Jan 2008 00:46
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