Cylon Military

Space Craft


Race Cylon
FTL Long Range (Most Advanced)
Crew Multiple Clone Models and Centurions, 1 Hybrid
Compliment Raiders (2CW) & Heavy Raiders
Role Battleship
Weapons Nuclear and conventional missiles
Status Active

Length: 6221 feet (1895.97m)
Width: 3382 feet (1030.69m)
Height: 870 feet (265.17m)

1CW= 1st Cylon War
2CW= 2nd Cylon War


Originally the only kind of Cylon, they were the ones that first rebelled against the Humans and begun the First Cylon War. They were designed by the humans to appear Humanoid and be their servants, or slaves from the rebellious Cylon perspective.

They are made of metal resembling chrome in appearance and have a distinctive red eye that moves from left to right along a thin lens. This metallic chrome appearance was what initially earned them the nickname of ‘Toasters’.

The Centurion models have evolved over the years becoming sleeker, more agile and with inbuilt weapons. The Modern Cylons also have two different armour configurations, the majority have lighter armour that can be pieced by standard bullet whereas others have been made with tougher armour and can’t as easily be damaged without the use of explosives.

The modern centurions seen after the fall seen to have a variety of offensive compatibilities with Long, sharp fingers for melee combat. These can fold back to reveal a projectile weapon in their arms that can be used for ranged combat. They can also carry heavy weapons such as Mortars and rocket launchers.

Although Cylons were once sentient and highly intelligent the models now serve the Human Clone models much like they did the Humans.

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