Cylon History

The Cylons were created shortly before the Articles of colonization to aid in hard Labour and warfare between the colonies, they were giving sophisticated Artificial Intelligence making them sentient beings. Because of this sentience they soon grew Unhappy with their Human masters and rebelled starting the first Cylon war briefly before the Colonies United with a single government.

The Cylon War lasted nearly twelve years and during this time they settled a new world outside of the human solar system where they built more Cylons and ships.

Towards the end of the War the Cylons began to experiment on Human so they could create Clone model Cylons although this was never discovered by the humans until the day peace was signed.

The Cylons then broke off all contact with the humans while they continued to advance at a rate only machines could. They created new technologies in all fields of science but mainly in the development of creating biological machines.

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