Colonial Marines

Colonial Marine Corps

The Colonial Marine Corps is a branch of the Colonial Forces, the ground counterpart to the Colonial Fleet. They are tasked with combat operations on the ground, shipboard security and guarding the critical areas of the ship, and repelling enemy boarding actions against any vessel they serve in. As the Colonial Military places extremely heavy emphasis on ship-to-ship combat, the CMC is far smaller in the size of the personnel then the Colonial Fleet. Due to this fact, the ground forces are never deployed in massive numbers in a combat. Before the attack, the CMC was divided in correspodence to the Fleet, with a a detachment of Marines in each combat ship (numbers varying depending on the size and the purpose of the vessel).


21st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment.

While a regiment is the largest singular military unit in the CMC, they are never deployed whole. The largest deployed military unit of the CMC is a battalion, containing 2-5 companies with a total of 500 to 1200 men in them. A Battalion is commanded by a Battalion Commander, ranked Colonel, with a Major as an XO. A Company is commanded by a Captain, with a 1st Lieutenant as an XO. Battalions are sometimes grouped with armour and artillery detached from other units, but under the command of the Battalion Commander. They are referred to as battalion groups, or battlegroups. Battalions dispatched to the field take the number or designation of the station, but keep their regiment number.

A company is divided to platoons, consisting of 30-50 men depending on the size and the purpose of the unit. A Platoon commander's rank can be a 1st or a 2nd lieutenant. Smaller vessels usually have only a single platoon aboard them - in this case the platoon commander reports to the higher Fleet officers aboard the ship.

Platoons are divided in squads, which are the direct combat units deployed on combat missions. A squad is divided on squad leader and two fireteams. One fireteam, for example, might consist of the team leader and two soldiers who can each be assigned different duties depending on the mission.

A Marine Platoon.


Standard equipment

The standard marine combat equipment consists of a combat uniform, bulletproof vest, kneepads, wrist guards helmet and goggles, all in black. In addition to this the marines may carry different equipment depending on the situation.


A combat ready marine carries a rifle, a sidearm and an combat knife and a garrote for stealthy takedowns. Their combat vest holds extra ammunition and equipment as well.


XM4 Landram

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