Clone Agents

Sleeper Agents
A Sleeper Agent is a Cylon Clone Model that has been programmed with memories to make it believe itself to be Human. They have been put into human society to complete tasks that they are not consciously aware of, when a sleeper model goes active the conscious mind switches off and it becomes a machine bent on completing whatever mission it has. Once complete the Sleeper agents conscious mind switches back on and agent has no memory of what they have done. They can be subliminally reprogrammed to give them new missions without compromising their true identity (even to themselves).

Some Sleeper Agents include an Eight called Yevs Kennedy and a Nine called Schuyler Rathbone.

Undercover Agents
Unlike the Sleeper Agent an ‘Undercover Agent’ is fully aware of their true nature as a Cylon but have entered Human society to accomplish tasks among the Humans.

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