Civilian Government

The Government of the Twelve Colonies

The Government of the Twelve Colonies, established by the Articles of Colonization, is a federal republic. The Colonial government was established 52 years prior and is lead by a democratically elected president and legislature. The relationship between the civilian government and the military is that of a structured command in that the President retains the rank of Commander-in-Chief of the Colonial Armed Forces and the Minister of Civil Defense is his deputy.

OOC Note: Only vital and important members of government of listed here.

Goverment Officials

The President of the Colonies
President Rondelle Halley-Riker.

Vice President of the Colonies
Not yet Elected

Minister of Science
Minister Zena Olsen

Electoral Registrar
Joshua Prace

Quorum of Twelve

Representing Canceron
Ms. Selene White

Representing Leonis
Aeson Kronos

Representing Picon
Ms. Alecto Stryker

Represening Scorpia
Ms. Zena Olsen

Representing Virgon
Mr. Solomon Arothan

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