Air Wing

21st Viper Air Wing

The 21st has a prestigious history that dates back to the First Cylon War. Many famous aces came from the Air Wing and even after the war, the Air Wing served in many other engagements and operations from anti-piracy patrol to peacekeeping.

4 Viper Squadrons
1 Raptor Squadron

21st Viper Air Wing, Battlestar Megaera

Chain of Command
CAG- Captain Electra Shuto
ACAG- Captain Dea Cassini


1st Squadron - 16 Vipers
Leader - Captain Dea 'Phoenix' Cassini
Pilot - Lieutenant JG Mitchell 'Sugar' Kane
Pilot - Ensign Sean 'Schoolboy' Marius
Pilot - Ensign Yevs 'Angel' Kennedy (Nugget)

15 Vipers in reserve to replace losses or ships down for repairs and maintenance.

Air Wing Craft

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